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"Focus on IELTS" is a fairly low-level text for the IELTS Test, and candidates would need to be of a higher level to do well with the test itself. Having said that, the text is very good in the way that it presents the test and tasks associated with the preparation for it.

Each unit tackles different skills, not taking on every single skill in each unit. Specific tasks are targeted at the variety of question types, and give focused, (no pun intended), practice for specific tasks that students will encounter in the test. In this sense, the text book is thorough and varied, as well as being completely detailed.

The only drawback that I have found is that the level of the listenings and reading tasks is a bit low for the test itself. If students require university level scores, they will need preparation above and beyond this book's scope. However, this book is aimed at the academic module.

This text would serve as a suitable entry level introduction, but it would need to be added to with more difficult material for the academic module of the IELTS.

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